Friday, March 11, 2016

Another Lovely Day

And another fast run (for a 75 year-old with cancer).  66 degrees, tied with the record high for the day.  The track at the YMCA is nice in the slippery winter, but I sure do love to run outdoors, and the weather has been unusually accommodating lately.

I intended to walk the whole four miles today, because a marathon is coming up and a running injury is possible.  I couldn't resist the temptation, though, and ran up some hills and down some gentle slopes, running whenever I felt like running.  I probably ran almost as much of the distance as I did on Tuesday, but my average pace was slower because some of this run went up a 55-foot staircase and because I stopped along the trail to chat with my sweeties for a minute or so.

Whining: None.  Fine run.

Splits: 24:55 (1.90 mi + staircase & chat), 24:43 (2.04 mi), total 49:38, average pace 12:32.

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