Friday, July 26, 2013

Running Again

Friday, July 26, 2013:

Actually, I've been running for the last week, just not blogging.  Today I ran five miles on the park’s paved trails, which are flat enough to minimize any risk of twisting the sprained foot.  After closer inspection it seems to be the foot that is sprained, not the ankle.  The sore place is near the outside of the left foot, possibly the outermost Lisfranc joint.  I doubt that any of the bones are broken, because I have been able to run on the foot (both feet - it actually takes two) with little or no pain since the third day after the injury.  It does hurt to put weight on the left foot with it tilted outward, so I have not run on the grass/dirt trails yet.

The foot looked black & blue after the first day, and then somewhat swollen.  Today the color is gone, and it appears that the swelling is almost gone.

Two days after the injury.  Then the
color went away, but the swelling got
worse.  Today the swelling is better too.

Looking back, I do find notes in my log about sprains of the Lisfranc ligaments in the left foot in two places, most especially in 2006.  At that time it hurt worse than now, I think, and I took it to a podiatric doctor, who said that he could have immobilized and healed it properly it if I had come in sooner, but that I had come in too late.  He said that it would become arthritic and give me trouble for the rest of my life.  It did become arthritic, for a while, even bothered me while mowing the lawn on slopes, but pretty soon it didn't hurt while running on flat surfaces.  After a year or two, it didn't hurt even on slopes.  So much for the life sentence!  I suppose this injury will behave similarly because, again, I’m definitely not bringing the foot in soon enough for the foot doc.  Too bad, Doc, but I can’t run with a cast on my foot, and I sure did run today without the cast.

Today’s run was actually wonderful.  The temperature was 64 with a brisk breeze and low humidity - a perfect summer morning.  I did a 30/20 walk run, and could certainly have gone a bit faster.  The foot ached slightly at first, then didn't hurt at all for the rest of the run.  It aches just a little after the run.

Laps: 27:54, 27:08, total 55:04, 5.02 miles, pace 10:58.

Wednesday, July 24:

2.9 miles on the park’s paved trails again, just like Monday except this time I ran with Bria, a sweet Australian sheepdog.  We were dog-sitting.  Time was 37:25, five minutes more than Monday, but the difference was attributable to sweet Bria.  The foot didn't hurt at all after the first minute or two.

Monday, July 22:

2.9 miles on the park’s paved trails - that’s once around the main loop and once around the little Klondike loop.  20/20 run/walk, time 32:30, for a pace of 11:12.  No pain in the left foot after the first few minutes.

Saturday, July 20:

St Croix Valley Runners, meeting now every Saturday at 7:00 am, Brown’s Creek Park on Neal in Stillwater.  We ran Dennis’ route, 5.05 miles.  I fell behind the group and finished in about 51:30, for a pace of 10:12.  I can do better.  The foot hurt a little at first, then calmed down nicely.  No pain.  I did use ice after the run.

Friday, July 19:

Gateway Trail, first run since the injury, about three miles in about 40 minutes.  No really much pain on that flat, paved trail.

Thursday, July 19:

300 Calories on various non-impact machines, elliptical and pedal, at the YMCA.

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