Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ankle Sprain Update

I did follow the regimen outlined in yesterday's post.  At first the sprain hurt quite a bit whenever I would try to put weight on it, but after about seven hours that pain disappeared, rather suddenly.  At about that same time, I could see bruising on the side of the foot, not visible earlier.  The blood from the injured connective tissue had reached the skin.  Is it a coincidence that the pain went away at the same time?  I have no idea.

24 hours after the injury

Today I'm continuing to follow the regimen, which includes alternating heat and cold.  The foot actually feels good enough to run on, as long as the weight comes straight down on it, but I'll pass for today.  In fact I have some lawn mowing to do, which is just walking, but I'll wait a day for that too.

I'll be running again soon - probably on the lovely and flat gateway Trail.

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Running Librarian said...

rest up and let that ankle heal some :)