Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ankle Sprain Recovery

Oops - I sprained my left ankle today, twisting the foot sideways on the grass/dirt trails after only a half mile or so of running. From past experience I know that I could have kept going and finished the rest of the five miles without too much pain, but would have suffered for that later.

Instead, I phoned the girls and we all went back to the car so I could get home to ice the injury as soon as possible. It's not a bad sprain, just a moderate pain but no bruising evident at the skin (yet). Here is my approach to healing it:


  • Ice it on and off, more on than off, for several hours to minimize swelling,
  • Take one and only one Aleve (naproxen) capsule to further manage swelling, and
  • Elevate the foot, same reason.
  • Use the foot as necessary, and at least a little every hour, but avoid serious pain.
  • A little dark chocolate has nothing to do with healing but improves my spirits.
  • Switch to alternating heat and cold, off and on for a day or two at least,
  • Use the foot. Avoid serious pain, but keep the foot working so that it heals correctly. No running at first, but walking and stairs are OK and even necessary.
  • No more Aleve or other NSAID. I believe that these may actually impair the ability to heal in the long run, and I already take an aspirin every day as part of the myeloma therapy.
  • Take Vitamin C, Zinc, and Glucosamine / Chondroitin, all of which may actually help rebuild connective tissue.
  • Be guided by the pain. When running feels OK, start on a flat surface, such as a paved trail.
I like this rather comprehensive web page on "Sprains and Strains" from the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Any other suggestions?

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