Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Final Snow!

What an April we've had.  In Duluth, just 120 miles north of us, the snow that has fallen so far this April not only exceeds the snowfall of any previous April, but also exceeds the snowfall of any previous month since records have been kept.  It's a record record.  We've had a lot here too.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013:

After the snowblowing

This morning's snow was really quite beautiful, and I'm sure that I have never appreciated that beauty more than I did today as I was blowing and shoveling it off of our driveways and walks.  Every branch of every tree was concealed in white, glistening in the bright sun, an April fairyland.  I did enjoy it, and we got photos, but I do hope that we're done with the snow now.  According to the forecasts, there is a very good change that the snowblower will now be able to relax until fall.

Monday, April 22:

I ran four miles on the track at the Woodbury YMCA in 37:11, for an average pace of 9:18 and a final mile of 8:48.  No pains, no problems.  Looking forward to the Get in Gear 10k.

Splits:  9:49, 9:17, 9:16, 8:48, total 37:11

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