Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Day after the End of the World

Sunday, December 23, 2012:

The Mayan Calendar ended yesterday, but of course the end of the world was greatly exaggerated, as always.

I run, therefore I exist.  Today we ran on the 200-meter indoor track at the University of Wisconsin at River Falls.  Five dollars gets you in for the day, with access to the track and lots of exercise equipment.  I ran four miles, walking through one of the two 180-degree end-curves on each of the eight laps of the first three miles, then running all the way in the fourth for an eight-minute mile.  It felt good, really good.

Whining: The right knee with PFS did hurt just a bit.  It does that when I run on the right side of a road with a crown, and I suspect that the end-curves of a counter-clockwise track have a similar effect on the joints.  It wasn't a problem, just a warning.

Splits: 9:12, 1:15, 9:44, 9:32, 8:03, total 37:48, pace 9:27 average.

Friday, December 21:

I went to the Stillwater Bubble again this morning, and found Mary and Candy in the middle of a long run.  We chatted as I ran my measly five miles, and they kept going when I left.  I’m good company for myself, but it’s nice to run with friends some of the time.

I thought our pace was slightly slower than 10 minutes per mile, so I ran for 55 minutes to be sure that I got in the five miles.  All good, no pains.

Wednesday, December 19:

Five miles in the Stillwater Bubble again.  Some walking, but mostly running, trying to hit a ten-minute pace.  Nice run, no problems.

Splits:  10:15, 9:52, 9:47, 9:38, 9:00,  total 48:32

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