Friday, June 15, 2012

Two Days Off

Friday, June 15, 2012:

I don't often go two days in a row without running, but yesterday we just didn’t find an opening in the thunderstorms long enough to run safely.  We DO NOT run in thunderstorms.  That’s as silly as golfing in a thunderstorm.  Of course I might also take two days off after a long run, especially a marathon.

Today 3.94 miles in 47:20, for a pace of 12:01.  I intentionally ran just a little slower than I had run on Tuesday.  Just a nice little taper run.  It’s fine - this pace would still finish a marathon in about 5:15 if I could sustain it for 26 miles.

Whining: None.

Tuesday, June 12:

Yesterday we met on the Gateway Trail with John Gross of KSTP TV, who is working up a story.  If that story happens, it will probably be aired on KSTP TV between 6 and 7 am this Sunday, June 17.  Huh - that’s Father’s Day.

Today was 25 degrees cooler, but the trail was just as inviting - maybe more so.  We parked at the Hwy 96 bridge, where I ran south to mile 13, then north to 17, and back to the car again.  Eight miles in 1:33:03, pace 11:38.  Plenty fast, actually faster than I expect to run the next marathon.  Tapering now ...

Whining: The hernia repair did hurt a little for the first 2/3 mile, a sharper pain than I’ve experienced in weeks.  But it went away, and the rest of the run was fine.

Egrets in the park.  I heard a loon, too:


SteveQ said...

I saw you on the news today. You look younger than you did two years ago - so you must be doing something right!

Don said...

Thanks Steve. Maybe that's another feature of the fancy medication I'm taking :-)