Thursday, June 07, 2012

Muddy Shoes

The grass trails at the park are a bit wet some mornings, from dew or rain, and it sprinkled a little last night.  The wet shoes pick up sand and dirt, and get a little messy.  Running shoes are waterproof though - you can just hose them off or even put them in the washing machine.  Mine are clean again, and I used old ones anyway.

I ran a new route, 3.67 miles, in 44:20, for a pace of 12:05 minutes per mile.  That’s fine - I did my usual walk/run.  Weather was perfect, mid-sixties, and we were treated to a spectacular cloud formation to the west.  I could feel a little fatigue in the legs, left over from Tuesday’s long run, but by and large I felt really good.

Whining: Nothing from the hernia repair or the knee.  That's really good news, considering I ran 18 miles just a couple of days ago.  The right ankle was a little sore at the start, and after the run, but settled down for most of the run.  I think it’ll be fine.

Leftovers (except the strawberry).  I love leftovers:

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