Thursday, April 19, 2012

Undiscovered Gem in NYC

A running friend put me onto New York City’s Riverside Park, which "runs" along the Hudson River for more than ten miles, all the way from Battery Park to the George Washington Bridge. The brick and boardwalk pedestrian paths run parallel (ish) to a very nice bike trail, and to the West Side Highway 9a, usually between those two and the river’s edge, often close enough to spit in the water. I’m just so impressed by the quality of the paths, the greenery, the public art along the way, plus the pedestrian pier at 68th. I only went from 55th to 68th, but I hope to see much more of it another time.

Yesterday, in Central Park, I saw thousands of runners, walkers, and bikers, but today on these lovely trails I saw only a few dozen. "Nobody knows about this," I exclaimed to a guy walking his dog. "Thank goodness," he replied. Apparently the people who do use it are happy to keep it a secret. If you like to watch people, run in Central Park. But if you would like to see the city on one side and the river on the other, the Riverside Park trails are worth a try.

The trails aren’t accessible from everywhere - you have to cross 9a to get to them, but I found access at 55th Street (pedestrian crosswalk), 59th (walk under 9a), and 68th (elegant walk under 9a). Doubtless there are many more.

My walk/run was fine. I did occasionally feel just a little ache in the area under the hernia incision, so I took it easy, running for only about ten seconds out of every two minutes or so. Also, I stopped often to take photos. I suppose I went about four miles, including the jaunt from my hotel to the trail, but it was enough for today. In fact, I’ll take tomorrow off. Going home tonight.


OK I do love New York City, and I hate to be a complainer, but once in a while you see this attitude, which seems to me simultaneously condescending, arrogant, and snide, nevermind supercilious. People have a right to brag, but it can be done without belittling others:

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