Monday, April 16, 2012

Still Walking

Monday, Apr. 16, 2012:

Elliptical Machine, 3.6 "elliptical miles," in 30 minutes, 7.2 "MPH," 72 RPM, 482 calories. This was the last serious exercise before my little trip to NYC. No pain, just sweat.

Sunday, Apr. 15:

We three zipped out between rain showers to walk/run 3.6 miles on the paved trails in the park. The grass trails were wet and muddy, of course. We finished in 57 minutes, which is pretty close to a 4 MPH, 15 min/mi pace. I felt very little pain at the site of the hernia surgery, even though walking at that rather vigorous pace. We may be approaching that point where there is less pain than before the surgery, which was only four weeks ago.

It’s tempting to go faster, and push myself a little. However, a couple of days ago, a friend advised me that he had overexerted after a hernia surgery and pulled the repair apart, necessitating a second surgery. Therefore I will take it very easy, building up slowly as the surgeon has suggested.

Saturday, Apr 14:

The Saint Croix Valley Runners meet at 7:00 am every Saturday, in Stillwater’s Northland tenis courts. We three and Jen walked fairly slowly, probably going just a bit over two miles. Another four ran the normal five mile route, finishing almost as soon as we did.

Wednesday, Apr 11:

Elliptical machine, 30:11 minutes, 3.5 elliptical "miles," 7.11 MPH, 71 RPM, 473 calories. This was a good elliptical "run," as good as any before the hernia surgery. There is absolutely no pain when running on the elliptical, just sweat. Three weeks and two days since the surgery - the next marathon is 10 weeks away. I’m sure I’ll be ready.

The snow shovels are still lined up and ready! I suppose they could be put in the shed now, but it did snow a little this morning:

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