Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Much Better 4-Mile Run

The left little toe complained only a little today, mostly in the first mile, so I ignored it and did my usual walk/run, walking 12 laps of each mile and running the last lap.  In the fourth mile I still felt great and ran two of the laps.

This was a very good walk/run, I felt great throughout, and now I'm ready for a longer one on Friday or on the weekend.  Concern over the left little toe is gone - it looks fine after the run.  I did wear a wool sock on that foot to keep it warmer in bed the last two nights.  That might have helped it heal.

No whining!

Splits:  12:29, 12:14, 12:11, 11:53, total 48:47, average pace 12:12 minutes/mile.

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