Friday, December 11, 2015

New Cancer Regimen

Friday, Dec 11, 2015:

Tuesday, after giving up 30 vials of blood (along with other fluids) for lots and lots of tests, I received an infusion of one medicine and capsules of another, to start the regimen.  So far I have taken six of those capsules.  I am quite anxious to find out what impact the combination of infusion and oral drugs has on my running.

So far the news is good.  My run two days ago was great, and this morning I ran in the local inflated soccer dome, finishing three miles in about 34 minutes (forgot to bring my watch) for a pace of about 11:20.  That's pretty good for me these days, much better than usual.

I did feel a bit sluggish, and thigh muscles were a little uncomfortable at first, but I was traveling faster than usual and the thigh muscles settled down after the first mile or so.  I ran along the short sides of the rectangular soccer field, and walked along the long sides, probably resulting in about a 40/60 ratio of running/walking.

It's good.  So far I'm doing just fine.  Soon I would like to go six or eight miles at a somewhat slower pace and see how that goes.  Within a couple of weeks, if all goes well, I will start training for the next marathon.  I have some ideas for improving my training, with the goal of better overall fitness and a faster race as well.

Wednesday, Dec 9, 2015:

This was my first run after starting the new treatment regimen, and it went very well indeed.  I ran/walked 3.96 miles from home to Kwik Trip and back, in 47:59, for a pace of 12:07.

I ran when I felt like running, and otherwise walked as fast as I could.  The weather was cool and nice, and I certainly did enjoy the run.  Yesterday I had an infusion of one new medicine, and since that time I have taken two capsules of another, separate medicine.  I don't know if the drugs are working yet, of course, but so far they aren't preventing me from running.

Two-mile splits:  24:30, 23:28, total 47:59

Earlier in December:

I ran two different post-marathon recovery runs, one by myself and another with a group of friends.  I didn't write anything down, though, so now I've forgotten the distances or times.  No matter - anything is good.

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