Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Park Rocks

For the first time this year we ran in the huge Lake Elmo Park Reserve, where we have spent so many hours in recent years.  We took the grass trails and I did a walk / run, walking as fast as I could and running a bit whenever I felt like it, which was fairly often.  What a precious and high-energy event.  I love that park - why is this the first time we're run there this year?

I love trail running - (selfie)

Along the way I remembered why I haven't usually run on the grass trails in the few weeks before a marathon - there is a risk of twisting an ankle on the edge of a rut in the grass trails.  And sure enough, I did twist my right ankle a little when I took my eyes off the trail to consult a map.  It didn't bother in the rest of the run, but I feel it now as I write this in front of the TV.  I'll take tomorrow off and it will be fine.

Distance 6.05 mi, time 1:22:00, pace 13:33.  That is real, but the number would be even better on pavement because: (1) These trails are hilly; (2) The ground is soft, especially in the rut that is the best path; and (3) the long grass and weeds grab at a runners shoes a little. It's all good, enjoyable running, but not quite like pavement.

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