Friday, May 29, 2015

Nice 5-Mile Run

Building back up from the hamstring injury.  Today I ran/walked in a ratio of 1 to 2, five miles in 1:01:41, for a pace of 12:19.  It seems like the pace should work out to be a little quicker, especially since I pushed the run/walk ratio a little on downhills, but the figures don't lie.  

Anyway that run/walk ratio and pace are fine for a marathon and good enough for my current training.  I'd like to reach a level where I can comfortably do a marathon in less than six hours, in decent weather at least.  But first I have to get past the current hamstring injury, and to do that I'm increasing distance slowly and running only every other day.  

Biking is good too.  It may not be good training for running, but it's great exercise and helps preserve an overall level of fitness.

Thursday, May 28:

New Bike Trail   Freshly paved, but open for traffic.  It's so new I didn't see anyone else on it, as I rode it both directions.  For me it's a nice one-mile connection between Kwik Trip and the Zephyr Trail, with a safe crossing at a traffic light.  I may find this pretty useful.

Then I took the Zephyr trail to the Gateway and back home on the same route, for a little more than eleven miles in a little less than an hour, an average speed of 11.5 mph.  Good enough for an 80+ degree afternoon, especially after mowing the lawn for two hours in the morning

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