Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sixteen Miles - Back In the Running

Three runs:

Tuesday, March 17, 2014:

Getting accustomed to our new neighborhood, I plotted a 7-mile run that would begin and end at our house, traversing various residential streets and the 1.1-mile trail along the lake.

Unfortunately, though, I developed an overwhelming need to visit the restroom at the nearby Kwik Trip, which took me off the plotted route.  I think the actual completed distance was about 6.7 miles, and the time was 1:24:27 (not counting the pit stop), for a pace of about 12:36.  

Except for the Kwik Trip emergency, this run was fun.  I did a little exploring and also traveled the scenic lakeshore trail twice, once in each direction.

Sunday, March 15:

No problems.  Run/walk ratio mostly 1 to 2.  4.9 miles in 1:00:27, pace 12:20.

Friday, March 13:

No problems.  Run/walk ratio mostly 1 to 2.  4.9 miles in 1:00:21, pace 12:19.

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