Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ten Miles Today

Although I haven't been blogging, we have been running.  Mostly we've been in a local soccer dome, running around the outside of the field lines with lots of walkers and a few other runners.  Including today, I have run 49 miles so far this month, and spent many hours cross-training with a snow shovel.

Today we ran outdoors.  The temperature was only 20, but we haven't had snow for several days and the roads were mostly clear of ice.  The trails did have some ice, but I walked gingerly when necessary and had a very enjoyable run.  The overall pace of 12:34 isn't great, but it's OK considering the conditions.  I did a run / walk as always, mostly 15/30 or 20/30 triplets, where a triplet is three paces.  There is a nice 3.4-mile loop starting and ending at our doorstep, around a lake, and I did that three times.

The pace was very nearly the same for each of the loops, with the last about as fast as the either of the others. I could have gone much farther, and that's a good thing, because we do have a marathon coming up in about three weeks.

3.4-mile loops: 1:25 (2 loops), 42:35, total 2:08:06, pace 12:34.

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