Saturday, February 15, 2014

Back On The Track

Literally, on the track at the YMCA.  I was sidelined by a brief flu-and-pneumonia stop in the ICU (more here), and I haven't run since the New Orleans Marathon, almost two weeks now.  For a while I could barely walk without gasping for air, but I feel much, much better now.  Much.

At the YMCA I walked, almost no running, at a "race pace," about as fast as I can walk.  I can do this without breathing hard, which was the idea.  Two miles in 29:12, no pains, no problems.  This is a very sustainable pace, and if I had to do it, I could "run" a marathon at this pace in just over 6.5 hours.  Happily, the upcoming marathon (in two weeks) allows up to 8.0 hours, and of course by then I expect to be able to run a good deal of the time, so there will be no problem finishing.

On Monday I will see my primary care doctor, the guy who clapped me in the ICU a week ago.  I feel quite well now, and expect that he will find little if any pneumonia remaining.  I'll let you know.

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