Tuesday, January 28, 2014


We haven’t seen temperatures this high for a while now, although it’s gone below zero again as the sun sets.  Yesterday I worked outdoors for 3 1/2 hours in temperatures ranging from -14 (morning) to -5 (afternoon) removing snow that had drifted in Sunday night and Monday morning.  I couldn't start the snowblower in the morning, so the biggest drifts were removed by shovel.  Then later in the day, after applying heat to the snowblower, it started easily and I finished the job and did the neighbors driveway too.  Great cross-training.

Today we ran in the YMCA again, "marathon pace" again, just 3.8 miles, tapering.  I felt slight pains in the left quads and calves, both rather unusual.  Both went away, so let's not worry about it.  I didn't feel as strong today as I did two days ago, but I did OK anyway.

11:15, 10:54, 10:59, 8:28 (10 laps), total time 41:36, pace 11 minutes/mile.

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