Thursday, September 05, 2013

Nike Zoom Terra Wildhorse Trail Shoes

Wednesday, September 4, 2013:

For years I have used the Brooks Launch, a lightweight "training" shoe, for everything from the 200 meter sprint to marathons.  In fact I have run all 73 of my marathons in those shoes or their Brooks predecessors.  For trail running I've simply used old ones.  But I've been doing so much trail running this summer that I thought I should try some shoes that are actually designed for trail running.

Nike Zoom Terra Wildhorse
Today I tried the Nike Zoom Terra Wildhorse (can you believe that pretentious name?) for the first time, running three miles on a favorite somewhat-hilly trail that includes grass, dirt, ruts, gravel, and sand surfaces.  I can really only compare them with the Brooks Launch, because I have no other shoes that I currently use, but here are some things that I noticed:

  • My size 12 shoes weigh 20 ounces per pair, actually two ounces less than the lightweight Launch.  Huh.  That's good.
  • The toe box is wider than the box on the Launch, and in fact I prefer the wider box.
  • The length appears to be a little shorter than the length of the size 12 Launch, though I had no problem with toes touching.
  • Tread width actually seems to be slightly narrower than the Launch, especially on the back.
  • As expected the tread is very aggressive, much more so than on the Launch.
  • The toe is curved up a bit more than on the Launch.
  • The shoe offered no more ankle support than does the Launch, which is almost nil.
  • The shoe is available in three rather wild color combinations, none of them appropriate for a dignified adult.  My choice, shown above, is perhaps the least objectionable.

I had no problems with the Nike Zoom Terra Wildhorse on this short run.  Indeed, they felt very good.  The jury is still out, though, until I've done some longer runs in them.

Three miles in 34:12, pace 11:22.  Nice morning recovery run.

Another post about these shoes here:

Monday, September 3:

Sweetpea and I ran the Victory 10k, a race of long tradition that attracts the full spectrum of regular Minnesota runners, including 14 of us in the age group of 70 - 74, and 6 more older than that!  We mostly walked, at a pretty fast pace, but that was fine with me after running 18 miles the day before.  No pains, no problems.

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