Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Grandma's Marathon Skipped

Saturday, June 22, 2013:

I didn't run Grandma's after all. Our son's house was struck by lightning Friday morning and burst into flames, a total loss. We attended my Dad's funeral Friday and then went home to help our son and his wife.

The house looks like this too.

Thursday, June 20:

2 miles or so in the park, running with grandson, more or less.

Tuesday, June 18:

2.5 miles in the park, tapering.

Sunday, June 16:

3.6 miles in the park again, in 37:46. I ran/walked 20/20 this time, probably something like what I will do in the upcoming marathon. Maybe 30/30. Pace was 10:30, about a minute faster than I actually expect to run, though I did run a little more than 20/20 on some downhills. Again no pains, no problems except the cold that I thought had left me is back in the form of a sinus infection, mild fever and all. Oh well, this too shall pass.

Saturday, June 15:

3.6 miles doing a run/walk of 30/20, time about 37 or 38 minutes. It's fine, tapering now. No pains.

Thursday, June 13:

5.8 humid miles again, this time taking 58:08, slightly slower than the last two identical runs. I was a bit tired I guess. No pains.

Wednesday, June 12:

Warm Afternoon. We ran six more miles in the 73-degree sun this afternoon. That's not too hot for running at a modest pace, and I never felt the flushed face that is my signal to slow down in heat. Not quite. I ran/walked 5.76 miles in a time of 57:41, for a pace of 10:01. This was 20 seconds faster than Monday, running exactly the same course except backward, and with the same 30/20 run/walk. 20 seconds is nothing - it's a tie. Whining: Zip. Good run.

Monday, June 10:

Humidity 110%. Not technically, of course, but the car windshield was covered with mist when we got back from the run. I got back with t-shirt and shorts soaked, mostly from sweat that wouldn't dry off. I did a 30/20 run/walk, finishing 5.8 miles in 58:02, for a pace very near 10:00 minutes/mile. No pains, no problems. Splits: 29:31, 28:31. Faster on the second lap - that's good.

Saturday, June 8:

Good Short Run. We've been busy lately, actually too busy to run, which is saying something because running is a very high priority in our house. But we did get out to the park for forty very humid minutes today, where I ran/walked 3.6 miles in 35:24, for a pace just under 10:00 minutes per mile. No pains, especially none in the lower right abdomen. Yay!

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