Friday, March 16, 2012

It’s a Walk in the Park

Thursday, Ides of March, 2012:

The sports hernia was still rather painful from yesterday’s run, so I walked with the girls, our usual 3.6-mile route on the paved trails. It hurt to walk, too, but that pain subsided somewhat during the walk and we had a good time, finishing together in 58 minutes.

Wednesday, March 14:

We were short on time today, and taking turns babysitting a sick cat, so I did a shorter run in the park. 3.6 miles in about 37 minutes, with a run/walk ratio of 3 to 1. The sports hernia hurt all the way, but I was so happy to be running anyway.

Surgery next week - I can’t wait.

This photo was taken few days ago in the park. It's almost completely dry now. I hope to run on the grass trails this weekend:

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