Saturday, May 06, 2017

Valley Runners

This run/walk included another one-mile run with no walking.  Total of about 4 miles, with plenty of walking in the other three.  The one mile took just 9:35, very nice, but with two qualifications: (1) It's a little bit downhill, and (2) the mile markers are on a trail, and those markers are notoriously inaccurate.  I'll try the same mile uphill someday.

I had a little hitch in the right foot at first, had to walk it off, but it cleared and bothered no more.  After the run nothing hurts, all is well.  I feel great.  A very successful run.  A little shorter than usual, but very nice.  We'll compensate with a nice long walk among the flowering crab trees later today.
My friend Doug accompanied me on this trek - he's probably a better runner than I but was hurting a little today.  Hope he gets past that - he has a pretty good doctor.

Watch readings: 10:37, 9:35, 1:07, turnaround, ... total about 45:00.  The 9:35 is the one mile between mile markers 2 & 1.

Thursday, May 4, 2017:

2K Meters w/o Walking.  That's five laps of the 400 M outdoor track.  A beautiful day and a nice run.  I was actually able to pick up the pace a little in the last lap.

Splits: 28:34, 2:28, 2:30, 2:27, 2:26, 2:20. for 5 laps = 12:11, pace 9:50/mile.for the five laps.

Tuesday, May 2:

On Tuesdays we sometimes (often?) walk from our home to the downtown organic grocery & back, about 3 miles each way and at least a 300-foot elevation change.  I don't usually include those walks in this blog, but last Tuesday I got hurt - "ITB syndrome" in the right thigh, thought to be overuse, after a tough enough run the day before.  The ITB problem healed within three or four days.

No problem today, despite yesterday's fairly hard run.  But I think that I should take a day off now, not run tomorrow.

Monday, May 1:

One Mile at the YMCA.  11:00,, 11:01, 9:01, 3:04, 5:33, 9:24, 11:23, 49:27 tot, only the 9:01 makes any sense - supposedly 1 mile, 13 laps.  I think it's probably short of a mile by at least a lap.

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