Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Trying Something Different Today

I put on my ancient heart rate monitor and tried to keep my heart rate between 100 & 105 for a four-mile walk. Because of time constraints I couldn't quite go four, but I noticed that I had to slow down a bit from the first mile through the third to keep the heart rate in that bracket.

I saw my sports doctor today about several topics.  One of those was the best approach to regaining my speed.  For several years  I have really only been able to train for the next marathon a few weeks away, being very careful not to get injured.  I have lost a lot of speed, and I want to get it back.  He referred me to a therapist who, hopefully, can set me on a path toward that objective.  Now I have an appointment with that therapist, and I know that she is a runner herself and good at what she does.  I expect to work.

Splits: 13:51, 14:07, 14:37, 6:58, total 49:33.

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