Friday, July 15, 2016

Eight Miles Today

After six yesterday.  I went out to do a four mile loop, but felt very good after the four and just kept going for another four on a different route.  The weather was perfect and I certainly enjoyed the walk/run.

Heart rate: I wore the monitor again today.  The typical reading on the flat was about 105 beats per minute, declining slightly in the second four mile loop.  The highest reading I saw was 118, going up a rather steep hill and breathing pretty hard.  No hint of the angina-like symptom.

The right knee complained just a little, but under the kneecap, not in the joint.  A little return of PFS, I suppose - not enough to cause a slowdown.  All in all a very enjoyable run.

Splits: 27:46 (2 mi), 28:26 (2 mi), 14:23, 15:03, 15:05, 14:35, total 1:55:18, overall pace 14:25.

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