Sunday, October 04, 2015

Sixteen Miles, No Problems

Well, almost none.  Mostly walking, with occasional short runs, I achieved a pace of 12:54 over 16.02 miles.  I'm very happy with that.

I stopped at our house every four miles for a nature break, to shed clothing, and to refill the water bottle.  I stopped my watch during those breaks, something that I cannot do in a marathon.  The temperature was 39 at my start and 54 at my finish.  I took a clif shot gel and a salt tablet at miles 4, 8, and 12.

At the end I actually may have been speeding up a little; the last two miles were the quickest.

In three weeks I will have to get to Mile 20 of the Marine Corps Marathon in about 4:57, before they close the 14th Street bridge to runners.  If my pace is consistent, that means I'll have to get to Mile 16 in 3:57.  Today I did that distance with 30 minutes to spare, so if the marathon goes as well as today's run, I may have time for two or three nature breaks if needed.  After  Mile 20 the required pace will relax to 16 minutes per mile.

In the last six miles of this run I did have a little trouble with the top of my right foot, right at the opening of the shoe, as if my shoelaces were too tight there.  I re-tied the shoe a couple of times and it got a little better.  These are the same shoes that I wore in the last two marathons, and the same feet, but the socks have changed.  I use Wrightsox Running Light sox, to avoid blisters, and these are the same model, but they are a brand new pair.  Hmmm.

Two-mile splits: 26:07, 26:16, 25:09, 26:28, 26:59, 25:08, 25:55, 24:34, total 3:26:34, distance 16.02, pace 12:54.

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