Sunday, July 05, 2015

Easy Day

Just joking.  At 7:00 am four miles of walking in 56 minutes, then two hours of lawn mowing and another hour prepping a wall for painting, and in the afternoon 12 miles on the bike in 60 minutes.  

  • Walking: I can't run right now.  The original hamstring injury may be mostly healed now, but another has appeared in the same right thigh over the next few days, more toward the adductors.  This feels familiar - a pain that I have experienced in marathons if not in training.  It's not a stopper, but for now it's best to try to heal it.  I tried running once today and decided not to run any more.  14-minute miles is not bad, though.
  • Mowing and wall prep: Oh I wish we could sell our sweet house on the lake.  We're comfortably ensconced in our new townhouse now - I'd love to be done with the ongoing work and expense of our previous home of 36 years.  The mower is a walk-behind btw.
  • Bike: Riding is continuous work, mostly on paved trails with a steady grade, rarely downhill steeply enough to coast for a bit.  Very good for the leg muscles - entirely apart from running, the dexamethasone that I take tends to disassemble the leg muscles, especially the quads, and biking will help to reduce that damage.
My back hurt a little after all that work.

I slept well Saturday night.

Last Wednesday & Thursday: Two more 4-mile walk/runs, running not more than 20 seconds of each 5 minutes, and on both days I did feel the new pain in the right thigh.  Sigh.

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