Saturday, August 09, 2014

Back On the Bike

Saturday, August 9, 2014:

Because of the hamstring injury last Wednesday, I'm riding the bike again for a while.  Today I rode the largest loop around the park that I could on the grass trails.  That may have been a mistake - I'm still recovering from pneumonia, and there is no way to "take it easy" on this hilly trail.  Either I walk my bike up the hills or ride it, and I don't like to walk it so mostly I rode it, and that takes energy regardless how fast or slow I try to go.  Also, today, I had to do an emergency stop at the bottom of a long, steep hill where sand made the bike uncontrollable, and I whacked my left shin on the pedal, raising two welts.

Oh whine, whine.  Truth is, it was a fun ride and I'm glad I did it.  At the tops of the hills, this particular trail offers spectacular views of the park itself and some of the surrounding area.  I won't do it again, though, until I feel fully recovered from the pneumonia, because it required a lot of hard breathing.  Also, next time I do this trail, I'll go the other way and walk my bike up the long, steep hill rather than try to navigate down through the sand.  6.7 miles (estimate) in about 60 minutes, pace 9 min/mi, or 6.7 mph.

Friday, Aug 8:

Bike: Two figure-8's on the paved trails, plus a conversation with Luke P.  One figure-8 included the Klondike extension, total distance 6.7 mi.  I tried to ride easier today, hence the paved trails only.  Time 41:43, speed 6.22 min/mi, or 9.6 mph.  Chat w Luke may have been 5 min, and I didn't stop the watch.

Thursday, Aug 7:

Bike: Figure-8 on the paved trails, plus the 3-mile grass-trail loop, total 6.5 miles in about 45:09, speed 6.95 min/mile, or 8.6 mph.  I go much faster on the paved trails!  I still have pneumonia, may have done a little too much today.  We'll see.

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