Sunday, March 03, 2013

Three Recovery Runs

Sunday, March 3, 2013:

We went to the Maplewood Community Center to run on their track, four miles in 38:31, for pace of 9:38  No pains, no problems.

According to the community center the track is 11 loops per mile.  However, they do admit that distance is measured around the outside of the track, not the inside.  Since we are supposed to keep to the inside except when passing, I believe that the correct number is more like 12 loops per mile for me, and that is how I counted the miles today.   Maybe someday I will bring a measuring wheel.

Splits:  10:06, 9:41, 9:32, 9:12, total 38:31, pace 9:38

Egg, turkey bacon, spinach,
& more, all organic
Saturday, March 2:

I ran four miles in the Woodbury YMCA at my usual run/walk pace, finishing in 38:11.  No pains.  It’s a masterpiece!  Splits:  9:58, 9:31, 9:33, 9:09, total 38:11, pace 9:33

Thursday, February 28:

We went to the Stillwater Soccer Dome for the first run since the Hyannis Marathon.  Though I didn't realize it at first, I had injured a bursa in my right hip during the marathon, so I didn't want to annoy it too much today.  I deliberately slowed from  my usual faster-than-marathon training pace, and had a great run.  For some reason there were very few people in the dome today - I suppose they are out on the street in the warmer weather, but it’s still slippery where we run outdoors.

Three miles in 33:44, pace 11:15.  No pains.  Perfect.

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