Sunday, August 05, 2012

20 Miles , Great Morning

Sunday, August 5, 2012:
On my 20-mile run today I was surprised to meet my nephew Luke, also training for his next marathon!  What a treat.  He jogged along with me for a few minutes, and we agreed to meet for a run in the park one day soon.  To make the run even better, this was the best morning for running in months.  At the middle of our run the temperature was 59 degrees, and the dewpoint was low as well.  Delightful running on the mostly-shady Gateway Trail.

Grass-fed beef, all the rest organic.
My run was pretty good.  At about mile six I noticed that I was turning to the left a little, and having to correct to the right.  This got worse, until near the end of the run I was leaning left (Sunshine noticed it when I ran past her and Sweet Pea), and having to correct a lot.  This is a known issue - comes from inadequate core strength - means I should get back to doing my core-strength exercises.  Duh.  I think it showed up this time, and not in other recent longish runs, because this was my third day of running in a row, plus quite a bit of yard work.  Hard work.  Those core muscles were tired.  But that's good for them, eh?

For some reason, all of that didn’t slow me down much.  I ran 30 seconds of each minute and finished the 20 miles in 3:37:17, not including bathroom and water stops, for a pace of 10:52.  Furthermore, I had something left at the end and was able to increase the pace in the last two miles.  This suggests a possible marathon finish below five hours, which would be the first time in a year if it happens.

Five gels and several salt tablets helped with the run.  I carried water, and drank a lot.  Until last month I’d never carried water on marathons that have frequent aid stations, but I did in the Vermont marathon and appreciated the opportunity to drink whenever I felt like it.  Maybe I will carry water in the West Virginia marathon as well.

Whining: The right knee with PFS mumbled a little, most of the way, but not enough to worry about.  No other pains.

Splits:  11:20, 10:30, 11:00, 10:07, 10:22, 10:43, 11:04, 11:47, 11:26, 11:04, 11:33, 10:12, 11:31, 11:03, 10:48, 11:30, 10:45, 11:00, 9:41, 9:49, total 3:37:17, distance 20 miles, pace 10:52.

Saturday, August 4:

I intended to run five miles with the SCV runners, but decided instead to run with the new guy Steve, who is just getting started in running.  We walked a couple of times, but otherwise he kept up a pretty good pace considering.  At about two and a half miles we went different directions, and I finished another mile and a half.  Four miles in 38:20, for a pace of 9:35, despite two walks with Steve.  Good run, no pains.

Friday, August 3:

Easy three-mile run on the grass trails in the park.  No pains.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic to run into you this morning. Totally made my day! I got 18 in on this masterpiece of a day.